Wiegon - Digital industry meeting “Autonomous recycling center”


Digital industry meeting “Autonomous recycling center”

I want to dispose of my waste when I need to and I have time for it.

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On January 19, 2023 sensis, our cooperation partner from Germany, organized the first online industry meeting on the topic of “autonomous recycling depots”. We were pleased to receive 109 registrations and to be able to present our Wiegon system as experts.

The demands of residents and businesses are growing. Every day we experience small and large steps towards more digitalisation and autonomy. As an IT service provider, we ask ourselves a question: How can we support waste management in the digitalisation process? Communities are facing a huge challenge: their residents expect around-the-clock accessibility, service and speed. This can be implemented almost exclusively through “new thinking”, new processes and digitalisation. At the industry meeting on January 19, 2023 sensis presented how resident service can be implemented in practice around the clock using the example of the first, fully autonomous recycling center in Ischgl, Tyrol. Armin Wolf and Bernhard Weiskopf from Wiegon participated in the digital part of the discussion and reported on their challenges and solutions.

Your representative for Germany
Margit Klinken 
sensis GmbH

Gladbacher Str. 106
41747 Viersen
+49 2162 81929-0

Your representative for Austria
Armin Wolf
Wiegon GmbH

Maisengasse 18
6500 Landeck
+43 5442 20690

Wiegon Testimonial


The speakers

Their motto “from the industry, for the industry”. Hardly anyone is closer to the customer and their challenges. It explains which hurdles need to be overcome in the course of digitalization in waste management.

Margit Klinken, partner at sensis

Wiegon Testimonial


With 35 years of practical experience, he has proclaimed the vision of “disposing of waste throughout Tyrol, at any place and at any time”. With the Waste Management Center 4.0, this vision has become reality.

Bernhard Weiskopf, Wiegon Consultant 

Wiegon Testimonial


With 15 years of professional experience, he has developed significant solutions to numerous technical hurdles in the “Autonomous Recycling Center” project. He tells us what the challenges were and how they were solved.

Armin Wolf, Managing Director Wiegon

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