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Wiegon develops innovative digital systems for a complete waste management. These systems are developed in close cooperation with municipalities and other companies. We can offer everything from converting small recycling centers to planning and implementing new projects. Our range of services includes an analysis of the current situation, technical planning, software and hardware equipment and construction & operation.

Wiegon is a waste management expert group with headquarters in Landeck, Tyrol. It combines the expertise of Büro Maisengasse OG, ematric systems GmbH and Sawa Tec GmbH. Together with our network of 80 employees, we work at the highest standards and are happy to support you in the digitalization of your waste management.

Autonomous Recycling center

Residents and companies want to dispose their waste when there is a need to do so and when they have time to do it. Every day we experience small and large steps towards more digitalization and autonomy. Customers expect around-the-clock availability, service and speed. Wiegon offers this service and much more: 24/7 waste disposal, reduction of traffic jams, direct communication with customers via the Wiegon app, cashless payments, optimization of human resources through sensible digitalization, upgrading of the job profile at the recycling center through IT tasks, CO2 reduction through connecting daily commute with waste disposal. Ask us, we will be happy to explain to you the advantages of an autonomous recycling center using projects directly from practice.

Yes. Our Wiegon modular system can quickly convert your existing recycling center. From a simple entry-controlled system to a fully digitalized autonomous recycling center, we can implement everything. Feel free to ask.

Yes. With the fully developed Wiegon system, a recycling center can be open 24/7 and enables the autonomous waste collection. As a municipality, you can set your own opening times via software interface and give customer groups special permissions. For example, it is possible to provide residents and companies with different drop-off times in order to control traffic flows. We would be happy to advise you on this decision and share our practical experience with you.

Yes, this is possible and is an ideal solution for regional associations. This gives residents and companies an opportunity to conveniently dispose their waste in linked recycling centers. All waste-relevant data is recorded by the Wiegon system and forwarded to the respective assigned municipalities. We would be happy to advise you on planning and implementation and share our experiences with regional projects that have already been implemented.

The Wiegon system offers autonomous entry into recycling centers via the Wiegon app, Wiegon resident card and automatic license plate recognition. If necessary, we can also use your region's resident card or grant access with swipeable time cards (similar to parking machines). Advanced online booking for scheduled drop off is also possible upon request.

Wiegon was developed to improve employee's working environment and by addition of the IT tasks to increase their work value. Digitalization and automation give employees more time for activities such as customer service and quality control. If no employees are available, for example during evening or holiday times, the recycling center can operate autonomously and without staff. The Ischgl recycling center serves as a practical example. With the implementation of Wiegon, the opening times have been increased tenfold and the system continues to be looked after by two employees. The staff is present during peak opening times, and during off-peak times the Wiegon system enables residents to dispose their waste the completely autonomously.

The digitalization of all waste-related processes provides municipalities with a wide range of opportunities. As an example, an automated analysis and display of all customer and transaction data,  creation and export of reports, a management of opening times or a communication with customers via the Wiegon app. Furthermore, through digitalization, employees can work more efficiently and recycling centers can be operated partially or fully autonomously. Ask. We are happy to help.

Unauthorised and incorrect disposal can be recorded via Wiegon Incident Management. The evaluation is carried out by the employees. An automated evaluation via AI is currently in development and will follow in the future. It is up to the municipality how to deal with these incidents. In practice, it has proven useful to mark these customers in the Wiegon system and point this out on their next visit at the recycling center.

We use low-energy components which consume small amount of power. If you are interested, we would be happy to explain more details to you in a non-binding consultation.


Wiegon currently offers the following software modules to digitize your recycling center: Wiegon Cloud online platform for municipalities, Wiegon customer app, Wiegon staff app, control center module, incident management, CRM interfaces to all common municipal management software, SMS info and customer service. Arrange a non-binding consultation and we will be happy to advise you.

Wiegon customer app is the main source of information for the customer. Available for iOS and Android, the app connects directly to the terminals and allows thus an identification without a card. Card could be added to the app using a QR code or directly at the information terminal. In addition, the app also allows access to customer transactions and shows the current traffic at the recycling center.

Employees at the recycling center use the Wiegon Staff app to record transactions. All Android smartphones or tablets that have an NFC reader are suitable.

Wiegon Cloud is a web portal that acts as an interface between the municipality and the waste management center. It is compatible with K5 software as well as any other common municipal management software. Wiegon Cloud stores customer and card data from municipal management and controls the authorisation and data management of all terminals in the recycling center. This data is then exported from Wiegon Cloud into the municipal management software as a further processable export file, which forms the basis for billing. The recycling center outsources the payment transactions to municipal financial management. Data transfers are executed with a single press of a button. Wiegon cloud can also store licence plates as additional access keys.

  • Presentation and processing of customer, card and transaction data. 
  • Creation and export of reports
  • Creation of manuals and guides
  • Transaction correction or cancellation
  • Management of opening times
  • Communication with customers via Wiegon app
  • Wiegon Staff app for entering transactions via tablet or smartphone


Our Wiegon terminals are the central communication tools for controlling, digitizing and automating recycling centers. By providing multiple inputs and outputs for both industrial (PLC) and PC applications they allow for almost unlimited amount of control and communication tasks. We are currently using them to control scales, barriers, roller doors, cameras, traffic lights, lights, payment terminals and rubbish bag machines at recycling centers. In this Video our hardware developers show the highlights.

Wiegon Access is an access post with identification via multireader that is used to control barriers or roller shutters. Wiegon Lite is a basic weighing terminal with identification via multireader that can be combined with standard weighing units and platforms. Wiegon Connect is a universally applicable booking and communication terminal with a multireader and 23'' color touch screen for a simple and user-friendly operation on site. All other models can be found in our information brochure. We will be happy to advise you in a non-binding consultation and tell you which terminal best suits your requirements.

Yes. All Wiegon hardware components allow for remote monitoring and can be accessed by us via remote maintenance. If remote maintenance cannot solve your problem, our service team with locations in Tyrol and Styria will be happy to assist you on site.

Please feel free to arrange with us a non-binding consultation.

Wiegon Testimonial

What do our customers say

“Thanks to the extended opening hours, there are now practically no busy hours. The visit to the recycling center became now less stressful and pleasant.”


Wiegon Testimonial

What do our customers say

„I am personally convinced that a digital recycling center is the future and will soon be implemented by other communities.“


Wiegon Testimonial

What do our customers say

„The system works very well and we are satisfied with the residents' morale about waste separation. Switching to the new system meant an initial extra effort from our side, but we are now more familiar with the technology and proud to be able to use it.
Customers can now do many things on their own, which give us more time to focus on other things. Even when our shift is over and we go home, residents can still come in and drop off their waste.“


Wiegon Testimonial

What do our customers say

„Our existing system at the Sölden waste recycling center was getting old and it was becoming evident that we need to implement a new system. By chance we came across a young, dynamic company from Landeck that helped us with our specific problem. Wiegon is unique, there isn’t yet any other product in this form on the market. The new system has definitely proven itself – it was installed in just a few days and since then it has been a relief for everyone. The customer now uses familiar, established system with the latest technology.“

Ernst Schöpf – Mayor of Sölden

Wiegon Testimonial

What do our customers say

„Sölden built the waste recycling center including a weighing system in 1993, and we upgraded the technology in 1997. The hardware and software have not been renewed since. The need to adapt to the latest technology was obvious. After years of researching, we came across the newly founded company Wiegon. What works in Wiegon's favor is that it is a Tyrolean company and therefore their support is readily available. Further advantage are the terminals, which are designed to provide clear and customer-friendly informations. The software from Wiegon programmer Armin Wolf is also great.“

Michael Kneisl – Head of recycling center Sölden

Wiegon Testimonial

What do our customers say

„Wipptal region carried out in advance a thorough survey about the expansion requirements and requests (Wiegon customer app). We chose Wiegon weighing system for several reasons. It was developed by experts from various fields, the app was already available, the software annual fees were affordable, and it fulfilled the requirements and expansion requests. The introduction of the resident cards is now proving successful throughout the Wipptal planning association. Direct billing by the municipal finance administration is an innovative solution. For us, the chosen system is an investment in modern digital development.“

Alfons Rastner, Mayor of Mühlbachl

Wiegon Testimonial

What do our customers say

„We are very satisfied with the new Wiegon weighing system in Wipptal. This system meets all requirements and has everything that communities and recycling centers will need in the future. Another advantage is the flexibility that the new Wiegon system offers.“

Andreas Stockhammer,  Head of recycling center Wipptal-Steinach

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