Wiegon - Revolutionary: Digitally controlled recycling centers

Landeck / Tirol

Revolutionary: Digitally controlled recycling centers

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Wiegon is setting another example in the Landeck district when it comes to automated waste management: one innovation that is causing an international stir is an external control center from which recycling depots can be monitored and controlled.

Following Europe's most modern recycling center in Ischgl, which automates all processes to enable waste disposal without the need for time or personnel, the Oberland-based company Wiegon is attracting attention with its latest coup: a control center for monitoring waste management centers. This makes the Tyrolean company the only provider to date to offer the option of keeping an eye on several recycling centers simultaneously from outside.


Recycling centers with Wiegon technology are equipped with digital weighing stations, control and monitoring systems, intercoms and barriers. All processes can be monitored digitally by local authorities directly on site or, which is unique in Europe, externally from a central control center. Citizens can drop off their waste during opening hours with employees as contact persons and deactivated camera surveillance, but also outside of standard operations. "Data protection is very important to us. The users themselves decide when to drop off their recyclables. Outside of conventional operation, we can see via the cameras if there are any problems and intervene by means of access control," says Wiegon Managing Director Armin Wolf. Both small and large recycling centers benefit from this. "It is currently already possible to control seven facilities in the district from our control center in Landeck. For example, we monitor the collection of tree and shrub cuttings at the new collection point in Zams via our monitors. We can also easily connect the yard in Ischgl," explains Bernhard Weiskopf, Wiegon co-partner and managing director of the 'Umweltwerkstatt' association.

Innovation region Landeck

The Landeck district has been a model region for waste management for decades. 28 municipalities founded the 'Umweltwerkstatt' association here 27 years ago. This association led to numerous optimizations of waste disposal processes in the region. The result was a competence cluster with Wiegon as the spearhead. The company consists of three local partners: ematric systems GmbH (automation technology), Sawa Tec GmbH (waste management, environmental technology) and Büro Maisengasse (digitalization, design) combine their experience in the development and implementation of automated and digitalized waste disposal agendas. The waste disposal professionals' latest prank is the innovation of the external control center.

Control center convinces

Right from the start, Wiegon planned to implement a central control station as part of the digitalization of the recycling centres. The 'prototype' was initially housed in the ematric systems GmbH building. For space reasons, the control center recently moved to the premises of the Umweltwerkstatt. Here, Weiskopf and his employees have an overview of the waste disposal centers on six large screens and can take action when needed. However, due to increasing demand, there will not be enough space here in the future. For this reason, the existing control center is to be expanded to include a larger main control center in the new waste management center in Zams.

Inquiries from Germany

The implementation of digitally controlled recycling centers is attracting interest throughout Europe. Delegations from Germany, South Tyrol and Switzerland came to Ischgl to see for themselves the high standard of digitalization at the recycling centre. "An external control center for monitoring the individual recycling depots was the decisive factor for the Zweckverband des Abfallwirtschaftskreises Bergstraße in Germany to turn to us. Together with the German company sensis GmbH, we are implementing a sophisticated concept for controlling the recycling center network with 19 locations. sensis has many years of experience in the field of software development for waste disposal companies. Our joint offer provides the right technological solution," explains Wiegon Managing Director Armin Wolf. The district comprises ten towns and twelve municipalities - the special-purpose association is therefore responsible for the waste disposal of around 275,000 citizens.

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