Wiegon - Wiegon at the Club 17 Innovation Forum

Innsbruck / Tyrol

Wiegon at the Club 17 Innovation Forum

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25. Mai 2023

Stage ready for innovative and inspiring companies

Wiegon was invited to present its visions on May 25, 2023 at the Club 17 Innovation Forum of the Tyrol Local Agency. The format offers 17 minutes of showtime for ideas, projects and personalities from the Tyrolean groups, which are new, great, inspiring or international. The Club 17 takes place every 2 months on the premises of the Tyrol Local Agency in Innsbruck and is focused exclusively on group companies from all Tyrolean group initiatives.

Wiegon Testimonial


Comments on Club 17

“Club 17 has now become a fixture in my calendar. These evening times are a great investment: inspiring, varied topics that help you think in new ways. A small-scale time grid that encourages the speakers and the audience alike to get to the point. And valuable contacts and conversations with committed people who still have big plans!"

Ing. Markus Reitshammer, Re-Systems

Wiegon Testimonial


“Club 17 - a gift for all group members! Unconventional, uncomplicated, open to any topic - far away from all administrative constraints, like meeting good friends!"

Timo Rauth, Technische Recherchen TR²

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