Wiegon - Smart bin bag machine for the municipality of Absam

Absam / Tirol

Smart bin bag machine for the municipality of Absam

Comfortable and digital

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The distribution of bin liners for the municipality of Absam and its citizens should become easier and more convenient. Does Wiegon have a digital answer to this?

Yes, as a competence cluster in the fields of digitalization, automation and waste management, we specialize in developing new digital solutions. Together with the company Holly Kaffeesysteme GmbH, we have developed the autonomous bin bag machine. It is a stationary device that is equipped with the Wiegon access system. Citizens can conveniently verify themselves at the machine using their citizen card or via the Wiegon citizen app and collect their allocated quota of bin liners. A simple selection of the desired bin liner is possible using the numeric keypad. The waste bag types and quotas can be conveniently pre-configured and monitored by the municipalities in the Wiegon Cloud.

The bin bag machine offers space for up to 56 product selections, which can be divided into 8 selections per floor. A module for coin payment or cashless payment can be integrated on request.

Are you interested?

We would be happy to tell you more about our autonomous refuse bag dispenser or develop new digital modules for your municipalities. Ask us, we will be happy to advise you!

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